Show off your style

There are all kinds of ways to show off your creativity in Castleton. You can change your outfits, decorate your house, and more. Special seasonal items will show up from time to time, too, so check the stores often!

And of course, you’ve GOT to show your friends what you make by sharing your photos.

Clothing & accessories

Your Mii™ character in the game can wear all kinds of outfits. Dress like a Disney princess, a heroic adventurer, a mermaid...or hundreds of other options. Talk to Daisy Duck at her boutique to get started.

And more


Build the perfect pieces to fill your home—with a little help from Chip 'n Dale's Workshop. You can create a complete set or mix and match.

And more


As the café manager, you get to customize the food, the furniture, what the servers wear...just about everything!

And more

A dash of this, a pinch of that, and ta da! You’ve got a delish dish to sell at the café. Talk to your café manager to start cooking.

Choose your furniture, wallpaper, and theme to wow your customers. Try a specific theme to really impress!

When your Party Meter fills up, you can hit the Party button and throw a big bash for your Disney friends. You'll get to invite certain guests, depending on the theme you've chosen for your café. Dance on stage with your Disney friends and choose how you watch teh show. Remember to take lots of souvenir photos!

Snap and share

Take a photo in your game by pressing L + R at any time. Sometimes, you’ll even get special photo ops that let you choose your outfit and your pose! Your photos will be saved to your system's SD card.